Pro-Abortion Activists for Hire


Yesterday I stumbled across this near the College Park Metro station. I must admit, that’s not a bad wage for someone interested in making the world a better place by helping women maintain their right to reproduce. The only problem, however, is that I don’t remember anyone in the United States ever advocating for taking that right away. Did Congress just pass a one-child policy in this country that bans women from reproducing more than once if they want to?

The Left does not hold a monopoly over hiring “grassroots” activists, but when was the last time you saw a flyer or a Craigslist ad advertising part-time, or full-time positions for pro-life activists? The group behind the flyer, Grassroots Campaigns Inc., is a for-profit consulting company that conducts on-the-ground campaigning for left-wing causes and organizations such as, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters for America, and the Sierra Club.

I’m sure that not everyone who signs up to knock on doors, hold a sign, or chant until hoarse is doing so for the 200 Big Macs they’ll be able to afford after they finish their “work.” But this flyer provides a healthy reminder that many (if not most) of those hundreds of loud, obnoxious, seemingly-left-wing agitators you see every now and then aren’t exactly as “grassroots,” or dedicated to “the cause” as one might imagine.

One thought on “Pro-Abortion Activists for Hire

  1. Dear sir , splendid , perfect documented your articles about Romania , soros , macovei .
    You are perfect informed . Yes , infortunatelly almost whole Romania is sold to criminal globalist soros . I was born there and lived 31 years in Romania ,the worst part of communism , until 1983 when I was blessed to get the chance to come and live in America .
    I don’t think is any hope for Romania . The young people , like so many from here are sold to the suicidal ideas of socialism and democracy . Or they are too stupid to know the truth .
    Thank you again for your articles and also for your vues about actual political world .
    We need people like you !
    Valentina Stanca


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