People Really Don’t Want To Bother With Politics

People are meant for monarchy.

That was the conclusion I drew after working on a political campaign.

Most people don’t care enough about who governs them to educate themselves on the issues. When they’re encouraged by society to “get involved,” they behave as medieval peasants. They pick a sovereign and devote their lives on social media and in the streets to defending him or her.

In contemporary American politics, this sovereign can be embodied by a president or a political party. Their chosen sovereign has their courtiers, nobles, knights, and priests.

The courtiers give the sovereign a general idea of the kind of sovereign the monarch’s supporters want. The monarch doesn’t have to fulfill many of these general desires. They just need to point their rhetoric in that direction.

The nobles fill the monarch’s coffers and allow them to maintain power. In return, the monarch passes laws and tweaks existing laws to benefit the nobility in their financial endeavors. Much of this executive action and tweaking comes at the expense of the Continue reading…

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