How This Country Became Popular With American Expats

The convergence of economic factors and viral journalism often drives migration trends.

The United States has always been one of the hottest destinations for immigrants searching for a better life. What’s not discussed as much is when Americans themselves move elsewhere in search of a better life.

When people think of emigration out of the United States, they probably think of middle-class or affluent Americans moving to Singapore, Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom for business. Perhaps, EU countries also come to mind.

An Expat Insider survey found that 86 percent of immigrants in Ecuador were satisfied with their choice to live there.

It’s no wonder that Edward Snowden chose this country as his desired asylum destination.

Ecuador is still considered a developing country by the UN and World Bank. But it’s one of the better-off nations in that category, which makes its cost of living better than America’s while offering enough modern conveniences and safety to make it attractive.

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