3 Things To Communicate Before Blogging With A Partner

Just as some entrepreneurs form partnerships, some bloggers like to combine their efforts.

Two is better than one, right? If friends want to blog about the same or a similar topic, why not join forces and reach their goals twice as fast?

They each bring their own friends and social media followers — potentially doubling initial readership. They both write posts, so they produce twice as much content and drive traffic twice as fast.

This sounds good. But two people working on a project doesn’t automatically translate to ‘twice as fast’.

If one has a steep learning curve, he can slow down his partner.

Maybe one has a strong ego that would help him succeed solo but prevents him from matching that success in a partnership.

Finally, some partners simply haven’t learned the Law of Comparative Advantage and mismatch each other’s skills.

These are serious conversations that blogging partners should have before discussing blog names, WordPress themes, or social media accounts.

Here are three specific things to keep in mind before buying that domain name with someone else.

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